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La casa de nadie:

Initiated in 2019 by José Pino and Martina Knecht, La casa de nadie is a cultural venture focused on fostering transcultural exchange among artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Our projects feature international artists hailing from Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Anchored in our Zurich-based production studio, we offer a physical space conducive to the creation of works spanning performing, visual, and interactive arts, with a focus on music and podcast production.

The name of our cultural initiative, La casa de nadie ("Nobody's House"), draws inspiration from classical literature and mythology, particularly Homer's Odyssey. In the epic, the hero Odysseus cleverly identifies himself as "Nobody" to the Cyclops Polyphemus. This act of anonymity not only saves him and his crew but also signifies humility and the idea of selflessness. 


La casa de nadie embodies these themes of creativity, exploration, and collective identity. It is a space where individual egos dissolve, allowing for a collaborative and inclusive environment. Just as Odysseus's anonymity enabled his cunning and survival, our initiative encourages artists to shed personal labels and merge their talents to create something greater than the sum of its parts. 


The name "La casa de nadie" also evokes a sense of universality and belonging, suggesting a place where everyone is welcome, and no one is excluded. It reflects the ethos of openness and shared cultural experience, inviting artists and audiences alike to contribute to and partake in a rich tapestry of artistic expression.

La casa de nadie Zurich Jam Session

    [ concert & jam session series ]

Every last Sunday of the month, music professionals and enthousiasts gather in the Langstrasse in Zurich for an afternoon of musical exploration and discovery. Each jam session kicks off with a concert featuring international artists.


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La casa de nadie Portrait

    [ short video series ]
Set on the beautiful backdrop of Lake Maggiore in southern Switzerland, this portrait series presents extemporary thoughts on art, culture, womanhood and love by celebrated artists from New Orleans and Switzerland.
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La casa de nadie Podcast

    [ video podcast series ]

This full-length video podcast series showcases international artists from the Swiss art scene. Hosted by José Pino in our Zurich studio, each episode features in-depth conversations that delve into the artists' lives and work, revealing their unique stories and journeys.​


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01 Pascal_thumbnail_ep3.jpg

La casa de nadie Room Sessions

    [ concert series ]

La casa de nadie open their recording studio in the city of Zurich to host intimate acoustic concerts featuring members and friends of the art collective. 


La casa de nadie Room Sessions

La casa de nadie Music Academy

    [ private lessons ]

Explore new techniques, master your instrument, and express yourself through music in a supportive and inspiring environment. One-on-one in Zurich or online!

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La casa de nadie Collective

    [ music band ]

Introducing our dynamic formation featuring José Pino & Friends with a repertoire that masterfully intertwines traditional jazz and Latin American music through the art practice of improvisation.


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Support this project:

La casa de nadie is a non-profit initiative run entirely on a voluntary basis. There are different ways to become a part of our mission, and help us develop meaningful projects with independent artists from all over the world. You can:

  • spread the word

  • attend our concerts

  • like, comment, and share our content

  • buy our music

  • join the Zurich Jam Session Club with a yearly donation of CHF 75.00

  • support our activity on Patreon

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