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Parallele Welten – Live in Zurich
José Pino's academic pursuit at the Zurich University of the Arts laid the groundwork for his exploration of sound synthesis and digital composition, igniting a passion for experimentation and innovation in music production. The album Parallele Welten – Live in Zurich (2020) is the faithful recording of his Master’s degree concert, where he presented various formats including acousmatic music, field recordings, computer music, sound installations, live electronics and video art.


1. Impuls (José Pino), 3'58''

2. Entre el amor (José Pino), 11'39''

3. Rauschen Trio (José Pino), 4'4''

4. Eindrücke (José Pino), 8'7''

5. Un poeta en la calle (José Pino), 11'15''

Parallele Welten_LP cover mockup.jpg
Concert poster



Samuel Toro-Pérez (guitar)

Johannes Herrmann (piano)

Muriel Schwarz (soprano vocals)

Francisca Näf (mezzosoprano vocals)

Jean-Jacques Knutti (tenor vocals)

Jean-Christophe Groffe (bass vocals)

José Pino (direction and live electronics)

Record label: La casa de nadie

Release date: 25 November 2020

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Recorded on 11 March 2020 at the Zurich University of the Arts by Leandro Gianini  |  mixing & mastering: Ask Kæreby  |  photography: Angelika Annen  |  cover art: Martina Knecht  |  ℗ La casa de nadie, Switzerland  |  © 2020 José Pino

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