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Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Lecturer  |  Master of Arts in Music Theory and Composition

José Pino began his career playing guitar and singing. He started learning guitar from a young age with Camilo Santacruz and Carlos “Chino” Cando in Quito, Ecuador, later adding wind and percussion instruments to his musical repertoire. José specialized in Brazilian jazz guitar, learning from greats like Romero Lubambo and Lula Galvâo. He earned his master’s degree in music theory and composition from the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland, majoring in electroacoustic composition. After graduating with honours in 2020, José began studying arrangement with Fernando Corrêa from the Brazil Jazz Symphony in São Paulo.


Concentrating on instrumental compositions for everything from solos to orchestras, his music currently draws on the celebrated Latin jazz style and electroacoustic genre. José strives to write pieces that are not only characterized by beautiful sounds but are also challenging, fun, and exciting to play for musicians of all levels.


Aside from his work composing, José also devotes time to higher music education, live performances, audio-visual installations, and music production. In recent years, his works have been featured at international festivals and museums across the worldfrom Havana to Shanghai.

Llueve, José Pino Trio, Single, La casa de nadie, 2022 (guitar, composition, production)

Sand, José Pino alias Dudu Alvear, Single, La casa de nadie, 2022 (composition, production)

Metamorfo, José Pino alias Dudu Alvear, Single, La casa de nadie, 2022 (composition, production)

José Pino & Sebastián Córdoba, EP, La casa de nadie, 2020 (guitar, composition, production)

Parallele Welten – Live in Zürich, Album, La casa de nadie, 2020 (composition, production)

Aida, José Pino, Single, La casa de nadie, 2016 (guitar, vocals, composition, production)

Cangrejo Capitán, José Pino, Single, La casa de nadie, 2015 (guitar, vocals, composition, production)

Detrás del espejo, Stalin Gonzales, Album, 2016 (guitar feature)

De la muerte y de otras cosas, Quemando Palabras, Album, 2015 (guitar, arrangement)

El viaje, Sixe, Album, 2014 (guitar, composition)


Trébol (Bossa Nova) – José Pino Big Band Vol. 1, musical score for complete jazz ensemble, José Pino (composition and arrangement), La casa de nadie/Martina Knecht's Hypertext, Zurich, 2022 | Learn moreBuy score 

Improvisation. Improvisationsmethode für die Gitarre und andere Instrumente, José Pino, exercise book (German), La casa de nadie/Martina Knecht's Hypertext, Zurich, 2022

Essentielle Elemente. Methode für den Gitarrenunterricht, José Pino, exercise book (German), La casa de nadie/Martina Knecht's Hypertext, Zurich, 2022

Über den Klang und die unsichtbare Metapher – Puma von Mesias Maiguashca im Kontext einer Höranalyse, José Pino, musicological article (German), curated by Martina Knecht's Hypertext, 2022 | Artikel lesen

Schriftliche Analysearbeit von Rulfo / ecos I (2006) für Violoncello und Live-Elektronik von Germán Toro-Pérez, José Pino, Dissertation, ZHdK, Zurich, 2020 | Dissertation lesen

Venues (selection):

Shanghai International Dance Center TheatreChina, 2021

Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK, Switzerland, 2016-2020

La primavera en La Habana, XIV festival internacional de música electroacústica y electrónica, Cuba, 2020

Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France, 2019

Zentrum für Kunst und Medien ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany, 2019

Monaco Electroacoustique, Principality of Monaco, 2019

Ming Contemporary Art Museum McaM, Shanghai, China, 2018

Baptist University Kai Tak Campus, Hong Kong, 2018

Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland, 2014

Nakkefestival Musiker, Denmark, 2011-2012

Estival Jazz Lugano, Switzerland, 2011-2012

Casa de la Música | Casa Humboldt | Alianza Francesa, Ecuador, 2011-2014

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