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Big band workshops:

The workshops conducted by José Pino cater to educational institutions wishing to immerse themselves in the world of big band arrangements. The course is designed with a didactic-pedagogical approach, aiming to provide attendees with the necessary tools to craft a comprehensive big band arrangement from start to finish.


While participants should possess a basic understanding of music theory, prior experience with the big band format is not required. The course is hand-on, employing real-world materials to collectively establish criteria and deepen comprehension of arrangement construction. Culminating in a concert featuring arrangements and compositions by José Pino, attendees will receive detailed explanations throughout the workshop.

Under José Pino's guidance, aspiring arrangers have the chance to hone their skills, explore new musical territories, and nurture their passion for jazz within a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere.


  • Construction of the lead sheet

  • Sound ranges of the instruments

  • How to treat each section at a harmonic level

  • Traditional harmonic blends

  • Modern harmonic blends

  • How to handle voices in a tutti

  • Ideas on how to structure the form

  • Composition as part of the creative arrangement process

  • Notation strategies for the rhythm section

  • Use of Sibelius as support

  • Navigating through various styles, i.e., how to write in various genres

At the end of the course, a concert will be held with the institution's big band.


After the workshop, participants will have a comprehensive overview of constructing arrangements for big bands and will be equipped to write for:

  • saxophone quintets

  • trombone quartets

  • trumpet quartets

  • various brass formations




These workshops are conducted upon request from music schools, conservatories and universities, and can be customised according to your requirements.

For more information, please get in touch.

About the instructor


With a rich background in arranging and composing for full jazz ensembles, exemplified by works like "Trébol" and "Rojo" (2022), José Pino brings a wealth of expertise to the table. The big band version of "500 Miles High" he produced in 2022, featuring the esteemed Brazilian musician Lula Galvão, showcases his mastery in this genre. A seasoned music educator, José Pino currently teaches at the Musikschule St. Gallen and the Musikschule Zürcher Oberland in Switzerland.

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