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La casa de nadie Big Band feat. Lula Galvão:
500 Miles High
2022  |  4'41''

This new take on 500 Miles High (Chick Corea, 1972) features an impressing international line-up with Lula Galvão, Mauro Martins and Dimitris Christopoulos in the rhythm section, and Humberto Amésquita, Oswaldo Parra, Chico Macedo, Gabriel Otoya and Daniel Schenker in the wind section.




José Pino: arrangement and direction

Lula Galvão: electric guitar

Mauro Martins: drums

Dimitris Christopoulos: double-bass

Humberto Amésquita: 1st & 2nd trombone

Oswaldo Parra: 3rd trombone, bass trombone

Chico Macedo: alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones

Gabriel Otoya: 1st, 2nd and 4th trumpet

Daniel Schenker: 3rd trumpet, flugelhorn

World premiere: 2 June 2022

Recorded in Zurich, Basel, Karlsruhe, Vevey, Milano and Rio de Janeiro  |  mixed and mastered in Copenhagen by Ask Kaereby  |  ℗ La casa de nadie, Switzerland  |  © 2022 José Pino & Martina Knecht

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