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momentum lux: el milagro de lo que es

The music that is is embraced and created in the moment, through the free perception of all that is in that moment. Free from any category or style, the expression of the music that is has no rules, preconditions, exceptions or purpose. It is not born from a pre-determined form, it simply reveals itself through the awareness of free listening and creation. This recording was born in the spontaneity of the moment. No decision was made in advance. Rather, we embraced and realised what wanted to be manifested in the moment.


Guy Bettini: cornet, shackuachi flutes 1.8 and 2.3, bansuri flutes E and G, mouth harp, vocals

José Pino: guitar, charango, ronroco, vocals

Release date: to be disclosed

Fact sheet: English  |  Deutsch  |  Italiano 

℗ La casa de nadie, Zurich, Switzerland  |  © 2023 José Pino & Guy Bettini  |  recording: José Pino  |  mixing: Guy Bettini  |  mastering: Ask Kæreby  |  cover art & copywriting: Guy Bettini 

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