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José Pino Trio
Album | work in progress
[ instrumental music | Latin jazz ]
1. Llueve (José Pino), 4'04''
2. Radamés y Pelé (composer: Tom Jobim; arranger: José Pino), 5'42''
3. Meditação (composer: Tom Jobim; arranger: José Pino), currently in production
... and more to come!

Record label: La casa de nadie

Singles release date: Llueve 27 July 2022; Radamés y Pelé 4 April 2023

Album release date: to be disclosed

Llueve cover

This bolero was written for the contemporary dance production Catfish Effect by director and choreographer ZHU Xinyun, which premiered on July 23 2021 at the Shanghai International Dance Center Theater.

Composition and arrangement: José Pino (2021)

Nylon guitar, requinto: José Pino
Baby bass: Dimitris Christopoulos
Percussions: Edwin Sanz

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Radamés y Pelé cover.jpeg
Radamés y Pelé

«This single, which is part of the album I am working on this year, has been recorded for trio based on Lula Galvao's solo guitar arrangement. This was and is an experiment to find the right harmonic-rhythmic balance of the trio format, which I love very much, and that is progressing very well in the realization of this album. This album is a declaration of my most important influences in my contact with the musical art. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed the production of this material.» José Pino

Composition: Antonio Carlos Jobim (1994)

Arrangement: José Pino (2022)
Nylon guitar: José Pino
Double-bass: Dimitris Christopoulos
Drums: Mauro Martins

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℗ La casa de nadie, Zurich, Switzerland  |  © 2022/23 José Pino  |  recorded by José Pino  |  produced by José Pino & Martina Knecht  |  mixing & mastering: Ask Kæreby  |  photography: Angelika Annen  |  cover art: Edgar Castellanos

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