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Dudu Alvear
Album | work in progress | singles of the album will be released throughout the year
[ Electronic Music ]

Metamorfo (José Pino alias Dudu Alvear), 5'17''

Sand (José Pino alias Dudu Alvear). 7'36''

Valley (José Pino alias Dudu Alvear)

Night in Hong Kong (José Pino alias Dudu Alvear)

White (José Pino alias Dudu Alvear)

... and more to come

Record label: La casa de nadie

Singles release date: Metamorfo 14 April 2022; Sand 21 July 2022

Album release date: to be disclosed

metamorfo cover

℗ La casa de nadie, Zurich, Switzerland  |  © 2022 José Pino  |  Recorded by José Pino  |  Mixing & Mastering: Ask Kæreby, Denmark  |  Cover Design: Edgar Castellanos, Ecuador

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