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asphalt nature
asphalt nature (2018) is a short contemporary dance production where avant-garde choreography meets electroacoustic music. The Chinese choreographer ZHU "Juliana" Xinyun (she/her) and José Pino have been collaborating since 2018, when they both participated in the transcultural art project Spoken/Unspoken set between Zurich, Hong Kong and Shanghai. This work was followed by Catfish Effect (60', 2021), which premiered at the Shanghai International Dance Center Theatre.

asphalt nature - José Pino
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Rehearsal  |  asphalt nature  |  Baptist University, Kai Tak Campus |  Hong Kong, 2018 

ZHU Xinyun: choreography & dance
José Pino: composition, live electronics & visuals
LIU Rainie: art management, theatre making

Co-production: China/Ecuador  |  2018  |  9' 30''

World Premiere: 24 November 2018说了/ 没说 : SPOKEN / UNSPOKEN  |  Baptist University, Kai Tak Campus  |  Hong Kong

Contemporary dance performance  |  asphalt nature  |  Baptist University, Kai Tak Campus  |  Hong Kong, 2018  |  photos © 2018 Florian Geissler

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