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Live concerts:

The distinct resonance of José Pino's guitar, harmonized with the diverse instrumentation of accomplished musicians, delivers an enchanting repertoire that seamlessly intertwines the soulful essence of traditional jazz and the vibrant rhythms of Latin American music. This captivating fusion is further enriched by Pino's original compositions, adding a unique and innovative dimension to the musical experience.


With each performance, audiences are invited on a journey through time and culture, where familiar melodies are reimagined and new harmonies are born, creating an irresistible allure that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression.

José Pino Solo

Guitar and vocals




José Pino Duos

This project has emerged from a spontaneous collaboration aimed at refining the musical language developed by each musician over the years. It has grown naturally, without the need for prior preparation of a specific repertoire. Instead, the participants have allowed their shared musical language to guide them. José Pino, Alessandro Pittini, Sylvie Klijn and Roohari, have expanded their horizons through private jam sessions, understanding the essence and purpose behind presenting this project on global stages.

The project is open for presentation at festivals, theatres, and cultural events. Feel free to get in touch and book one of the duos for an authentic musical experience that captures the essence of organic encounters and expressive performance.

José Pino & Sylvie Klijn

Guitar and vocals


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José Pino & Roohari

Guitar and saxophone



José Roohari.jpg

José Pino & Alessandro Pittini

Guitar duo

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