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La casa de nadie Zurich Jam Session
[ Latin jazz  |  opening act & jam session ]

Spring/Summer Sessions

Sunday, 25 February 2024

José Braide Leyva Valdes (keyboard), Yohnny De Miranda (e-bass), Freddy Benitez (percussions)  |  learn more

Sunday, 31 March 2024

Roohari (saxophone), José Pino (guitar), Benjamin Kissola Gonçalves (e-bass), Daniel Bagutti (drums)

Sunday, 28 April 2024

Alessandro Pittini & Friends

Sunday, 26 May 2024 


Sunday, 30 June 2024

Vagalumes  |  Sylvie Klijn (vocals), Paul Gonzalez (guitar, maracas), Samuel Boutros (percussions)


Fall/Winter Sessions

Sunday, 29 September 2024

Opening act: Duo Balakumbala  |  Viviane de Farias (vocals), Mauro Martins (e-bass)

Sunday, 27 October 2024

Opening act: TBD

Sunday, 24 November 2024

Opening act: TBD

Sunday, 29 December 2024

Opening act: TBD

Venue: L200, Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

Dates: every last Sunday of the month

Time: 18:00 to 21:00 h

Entry fee: CHF 20.00

Membership fee: CHF 75.00

Promoted by La casa de nadie, Zurich

Artistic director: José Pino

Langtrasse, Zürich
Street view of  the famous Langstrasse (Long Street) in Zurich, heart of the city night life, where the Zurich Jam Session takes place once a month  |  photography: Claudio Schwarz (detail)


About Zurich Jam Session

Zurich Jam Session by La casa de nadie offers both music professionals and music lovers the opportunity of making great encounters and living unforgettable moments in the pulsating heart of Zurich.

How to play at the Zurich Jam Session

This jam session is dedicated to professional musicians that want to meet and interact with each other through the language of musical improvisation. The line-up of both the opening act and the jam session is curated by artistic director José Pino. If you want to play at the Zurich Jam Session, please contact José Pino in advance.

About La casa de nadie

La casa de nadie is a cultural initiative founded in 2019 by Martina Knecht and José Pino. Our aim is creating the conditions for a transcultural interchange with artists from various backgrounds and disciplines. Our projects feature international artists from Switzerland and Europe, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Quito and Medellín, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In our Zurich-based creative studio we provide the physical basis for works in the fields of performing arts, visual arts, new media and interactive arts. That's where we manage our projects and produce all our audiovisual content.


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Support this project

La casa de nadie is non-profit and we work on a voluntary basis. You can become a part of a growing community of art lovers. Supporting our activity on Patreon, you help us develop meaningful projects that give work and exposure to independent artists from all over the world. The funds we raise are used to cover production costs and support artists working in regions of the world where the economy is more fragile.


℗ La casa de nadie, Zurich, Switzerland 

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