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Zurich Jam Session 1-24
Freddy Benitez Latin Project  feat. Freddy Benitez (percussions), José Braide Leyva Valdes (keyboard), Yohnny De Miranda (e-bass)
L200, Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland  |  25 February 2024  |  18:00 to 21:00 h



L 200 Fredy Benitez.jpg

Freddy Benitez

Born in Cali (Colombia) and raised in Esmeraldas (Ecuador) and Tumbaco (Colombia), Freddy Benitez is a passionate rhythm artist. Inspired by his father, he is an enthusiastic timbales percussionist. From a young age, he began playing with improvised materials like furniture and his hands, as he lacked formal instruments. Without social media and tutorials, he learned music by recording and replicating songs from the radio, shaping his exceptional musical and rhythmic ear. Freddy shares his talent and passion through teaching at the Music School of the City of Zurich and various workshops. Concerts with fellow musicians and composing new rhythms fulfill his heart. With a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Instrumental Music and a Master of Arts in Music Education from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, he has received a solid musical education.

L 200 José Braide Leyva Valdes.jpg

José Braide Leyva Valdes

The Switzerland-based pianist and arranger José Braide Leyva Valdes has been leading the Cuban star orchestra El Noro y Primera Clase since 2016, with many tours in Europe (Spain, France, Sweden, Holland) and Latin America (Peru, Mexico, Cuba). After completing his studies at the Conservatorio Jose Maria Ochoa in Holguín, Cuba, he has been involved in Cuban bands such as Bolero Salsa and Salsa Chévere. As a member of the Orquesta Avilés, the oldest active orchestra in Latin America and likely the world, he has had numerous performances in Havana and throughout Cuba. He has collaborated with prominent musicians such as saxophonist Michel Herrera, maestro Bobby Carcassés and troubadour Norberto Leyva.

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Yohnny De Miranda
Electric bass

The Venezuelan bassist brings a wealth of experience in diverse musical genres, including American music, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Tropical music, Fusion, Afro-Latin, and more. His musical journey began in his childhood, growing up surrounded by folk music in Barquisimeto, the musical capital of Venezuela, during the 80s, where he absorbed every song he heard on the radio. His passion for music led him to request guitar lessons from his mother during his teenage years, marking the start of his musical education. It was during this period that he acquired his first guitar. Throughout his life, he has resided in various countries, including Cuba, Canada, Norway, and Spain, before finally settling in Switzerland, where he pursued formal training as a musician.

La casa de nadie Zurich Jam Session 1-24
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