José Pino is the founder and director of the Electroacoustic Composition course at the Conservatorio Mozarte in Quito. The course, which has been launched in the academic year 2020/21, is the first educational offer of this kind in Ecuador, and one of the few that are currently established in South and Central America. More information (Spanish)

Online courses:

Brazilian Guitar, Electronic Music or Charango? Develop your musical skills from the comfort and safety of your home. To find out more and sign up, send an e-mail to

Electronic Music Production:
The Creative Process
MAX/MSP, Jitter, Processing, SuperCollider, Ableton Live, AudioSculpt, Java-DSP, Java Script
1 lesson of 2 hours per week
Monthly subscription fee:
CHF 480.- (semi-private, 2-3 students)
CHF 760.- (individual)
English, German, Spanish, Italian
Brazilian Guitar:
Express Yourself
Enhance your technique, find your pulse, Brazilian rhythms, improvisation, live performance, studio production
2 lessons of 1 hour per week 
Subscription fee:
CHF 75.- (trial lesson)
CHF 950.- (10 lessons)
English, German, Spanish, Italian

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