JOSÉ PINO, MA Electroacoustical Composition


International artist, born in 1982 in Quito, Ecuador, lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. Co-founder of the production house La casa de nadie. Professor at the Conservatorio Mozarte Quito. Pino’s works take on multiple forms such as installation works, performer improvisation, singer-songwriter and concert pieces. He composes time sculptures with field recordings and digital generated structures, and operates an architectural reconstruction of the audiovisual phenomenon.


In recent years, his works are shown across the world at international festivals and museums including Annecy International Animation Film Festival [FR], Zentrum für Kunst und Medien ZKM Karlsruhe [DE], Monaco Electroacoustique [MC], Ming Contemporary Art Museum McaM [CHN], Casa de la Música [EC], Baptist University Kai Tak Campus Hong Kong [HK], Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK [CH], Estival Jazz Lugano [CH], Locarno Film Festival [CH], Umakantao [EC], Nakkefestival Musiker [DK], Casa Humboldt [EC], Alianza Francesa [EC], Christiania [DK], Primavera en La Habana, XIV festival internacional de música electroacústica y electrónica [CU].

The Conservatorio Mozarte Quito awarded him two honorary diplomas for his outstanding performance as a music educator and art director. In response to the global coronavirus crisis, he is currently developing new curricula to make advanced music education available online.

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